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Guideline Category
Guideline Date
  75 Opportunities Checklist 75 Opportunities Checklist.pdf Management 04-13-2020
  A-Performer Analysis A-Performer Analysis.pdf Staff Management 03-08-2020
  California Employment Agreement Sample California 2020 Employment Agreement.doc Staff Management 11-12-2019
  Ten Rules for Financial Independence 10 Rules for Financial Independence.pdf Personal Improvement 08-24-2019
  Application for Employment without Criminal nor Pay History Questions Application for Employment 2018.pdf Staff Management 07-11-2019
  Dental Office Job Descriptions Dental Office Job Descriptions.zip Dental Office Job Descriptions 07-03-2019
  "How to Generate an Abundance of Job Applicants" How to Generate an Abundance of Job Applicants.pdf Staff Management 05-30-2019
  Dental Patient Financial Policies Dental Patient Financial Policies.doc Patient Management, Collections 01-18-2019
  Staff Performance Review Forms Staff Performance Review Forms.doc Staff Management 12-15-2018
  Dental Patient Routing Forms Dental Patient Routing Forms.doc Patient Management 11-04-2018
  "Associate Doctor Employment Agreement" in Word.doc format Associate Doctor Employment Agreement.doc Legal 10-04-2018
  Patient Feedback Form Patient Feedback Form.doc Patient Management 08-02-2018
  How to Be an A-Performer How to Be an A-Performer.pdf Personal Improvement 07-28-2018
  Dental Recall System Dental Recall System Updated.pdf Patient Management 10-25-2017
  Attachments for "Collection of Insurance Claims" Collection of Insurance Claims Attachments.doc Collections 09-19-2017
  Attachments for "Collecting from Managed Care Plans" Collecting from Managed Care Plans Attachments.doc Collections 09-19-2017
  "An Introduction of How to Bill Medical Plans for Dental Treatment" Billing Medical Plans for Dental Treatment.pdf Collections 04-21-2017
  Interoffice Communication Form Interoffice Communication Form.doc Staff Management 03-26-2017
  CSW Form CSW FORM.doc Staff Management 03-26-2017
  Patient Testimonial and Photo Permission Form Sample Patient Testimonial and Photo Permission Form Sample.doc Promotion 02-12-2017
  Informed Refusal Form Informed Refusal Form.doc Patient Management 02-11-2017
  Missed Appointment Log Missed Appointment Log.doc Patient Management 02-11-2017
  No Show Policy for Missed Appointments No Show Policy.doc Patient Management 02-11-2017
  At-Risk Warning Letters At-Risk Warning Letters.doc Patient Management 02-11-2017
  Office Privacy Policy (Sample) for HIPAA HIPAA Guideline Office Policy Sample - Attachment One.doc Legal 11-18-2016
  "Six Steps to HIPAA Rules Compliance" Six Steps to HIPAA Privacy Rule Compliance 2016.pdf Legal 08-26-2016
  Dental Consent Forms Consent Forms - English.zip Legal 11-10-2015
  Job Opening Questionnaire Job Opening Questionnaire.pdf Staff Management 10-17-2015
  "Yelp's Check-in Feature Gets Great Reviews" Check-in Offer Gets Reviews.pdf Promotion 05-15-2015
  "How to Create a Website with Optizign" How to Create a Website with Optizign.pdf Promotion 05-07-2015
  New Patient Registration (Dental) 2015 New Dental Patient Form Sample.doc Patient Management 05-04-2015
  "Three Ways to Promote Your Practice" Three Ways to Promote Your Practice.doc Promotion, Staff Management 04-27-2015
  "How to Turn Acquaintances into New Patients" How to Turn Acquaintances into New Patients.pdf Promotion 02-20-2015
  "How to Create Your A-Team" How to Create Your A-Team Client Guideline.pdf Staff Management 07-05-2014
  New Patient Form -- Dental New-Patient-Form-for-Dentists.doc Patient Management 05-22-2014
  New Patient Form - Medical New-Patient-Form-for-Physicians.doc Patient Management 05-22-2014
  "Web Presence Terms" Web Presence Terms.pdf Promotion 02-03-2014
  "How to Register a Great Domain Name" How to Register a Great Domain Name.pdf Promotion 12-24-2013
  "First-Step Coaching Module Pack" First Step Coaching Module 2013-2 PDF Version.pdf Coaching Material 10-20-2013
  "Missed Appointment Checklist" (2013) Missed Appointment Elimination Checklist 2013.pdf Patient Management 10-13-2013
  "Your Inactive Patient Files Might Be a Gold Mine" Your Inactive Patient Files Might Be a Goldmine.pdf Patient Management, Staff Management 09-20-2013
  "How to Build a Staff Practice Promotion Machine" How to Build a Staff Practice Promotion Machine.pdf Promotion, Staff Management 09-15-2013
  "How to Talk to Strangers about Your Practice" How to Talk to Strangers About Your Practice.pdf Promotion, Staff Management 09-14-2013
  "How to Get Great Pictures for Your Website" How to Get Great Pictures for Your Website.pdf Promotion 09-03-2013
  "Four Phases for Unlimited New Patients" (2013) Four Phases to Unlimited New Patients 2013.pdf Promotion 07-08-2013
  "Promotion Manager" Promotion Manager.pdf Promotion, Staff Management 07-07-2013
  "Patient-Management System for Health-Care Practices Worksheet" Patient-Management System for Health-care Practices Worksheet.pdf Patient Management 06-01-2013
  "Patient-Management System for Dental Practices Worksheet" Patient-Management System for Dental Practices Worksheet.pdf Patient Management 06-01-2013
  "Twelve Tips for Determining the Value of a Practice" Practice Valuation Tips.pdf Management 03-29-2013
  "How to Never Be Sued for Malpractice" How to Never Be Sued for Malpractice Client Guideline.pdf Legal 03-24-2012
  "Associate Employment Agreement" ExecTech Associate Agreement Sample.pdf Staff Management 10-21-2011
  "Associate Checklist" Associate Checklist.pdf Staff Management 08-06-2011
  "How to Plan for Practice Attacks" Practice Attacks Guideline.pdf Legal 07-31-2011
  "Seven Rules for Successful Bonus Plans" Seven Rules for Successful Bonus Plans.pdf Staff Management 10-06-2010
  "Time Management Guideline: 45 Ways to Control Your Time" ExecTech's Time Management Guideline 2010 for Clients.pdf Management 08-21-2010
  Mystery Caller Test and Analysis Mystery Caller Test Guideline.pdf Patient Management, Staff Management 07-12-2010
  "How to Identify and Handle Destructive Employees" How to Identify and Handle Destructive Staff.pdf Staff Management 04-02-2000

Note: Please remember this paragraph from your ExecTech Client Agreement: "4. Trade Secrets. Client understands and agrees all material copyrighted by ExecTech and verbal advice provided by ExecTech were compiled at great time and expense and constitute the trade secrets of ExecTech. ExecTech agrees to make this material available exclusively to Client and Client's staff for the sole purpose of assisting Client's business(es). Client may use all, part, or none of this material as Client chooses. Client may freely copy the material or any version of the material for use only within Client's business(es). Client agrees to otherwise not divulge or share, directly or indirectly, any portion of the ExecTech written material or verbal advice with anyone who is not an ExecTech client." 

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